Drukarnia Jazz Club is situated just by the boulevard near the river’s Wistula bank, in Podgorze, old industrial district of the town. 

It consists of two storeys: on the ground level there’s a beautiful place in the spirit of calm New Orlean’s cafes and another room with the exhibition of the XXth century press. While drinking  coffee, you can spend hours gazing from this perfect viewpoint at the panorama of the Kazimierz and the Old Town or admiring scenic sunsets not seen anywhere else in Krakw.

In the more spacious basement’s hall you can listen to live concerts or dance (Friday & Saturday). This place is adorned with antique typewriters hung on the walls (it explains the name of the club, which means “The Printhouse”).

Drukarnia is open every day from 10 pm till the last guest. It offers a variety of unique drinks and beers, also breakfasts, sandwiches and other specials.

KRAKOW, ul.Nawilaska 1 |  phone: 0048 12 6566560 |  Map